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  South Wake County VFW Post 10225  
Welcome to our Post!   
"A Veteran is someone who, at one point in his or her life
wrote a blank check made payable to the 'United States of America',
for an amount "up to and including my life"."
Top Stories  

VFW Cmdr-in-Chief urges vets to write the NY Times - April 17, 2014
The New York Times published an opinion editorial on April 15 entitled, Veterans and White Supremacy. Cmdr in Chief WILLIAM A. THIEN said: "Although the First Amendment protects the free speech and expression rights of the young author, it also protects our right to disagree with the message. Despite 40 years of moving on with our lives and successfully reintegrating into our communities, we cannot allow political pundits, the media or our academicians to use the failings of one to once again paint all of us as damaged goods." If you agree, send your personal comments directly to the New York Times, but in a positive manner. Tell that that we are proud Vietnam veterans who came home from war, went to work, raised a family, and continue to help give back to my community and country. Tell tham that you are not "damaged goods."

Dinner with Emily - Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 6:00 PM
The Ladies Auxiliary is taking our young lady from the Murdoch Center, Emily, to dinner on Tuesday April 22 (note the date change). All members (including the VFW and Men's Auxiliary) are welcome to join us. We will be at the Applebee's in Knightdale at 6:00. Come and join us for this fun time celebrating Easter with Emily.

Installatioln of Officers - Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 12:00 noon
Congratulations to the new officers of the Post and Auxiliaries. Please come and join us at Noon on Saturday, May 3rd, for the Installation of the 2014-15 officers at the Post. Also, we will be enjoying the entire day by celebrating Cinco De Mayo and have Tacos and other Mexican food. So come for Installation, and spend the afteroon with your friends.

Yard Sale - To be determined
The Ladies Auxiliary will be running a yard sale to benefit the Building Fund. So check your closets and drawers for those items you no longer need, and donate them to a worthy cause. There will be all sorts of trash and tresure there. Watch this site for the date.

VA visit for April postponed till May - new date May 7, 2014
A call from the VA in April informed us that our VA Visit for April 2 had to be moved due to a confilict at the VA. It has now been rescheduled until May 7th, with the challange of a pizza party for 8 or more attendees still offered. See you in May!

Ongoing fund raisers - ongoing
A variety of fund raisers are being conducted by our Men's Auxiliary to raise funds for our Building Fund. They have a raffle on guns. And there is a Tastefully Simple party going on. Contact Ed Leigh or see the bartender for details and tickets on the raffle. And see Ed Leigh's Facebook page for the Tastevully Simple sale.

Penny War continues - ongoing until May
The Canteen is running a "penny war" to select one of our officers to be duck-taped to the wall. It has been heating up lately as thousands of pennies were put in one officer's jar. So other donations were made to counter this. Follow the fun on our facebook page.

Bakeless Bake Sale for Building Fund - ongoing
The Ladies Auxiliary is running a bake-less bake sale to benefit the Post building fund. During February, letters are being sent to all members asking for any donation you can make. All proceeds will be put in the Post Building fund, toward the acquisition of a new home for our Post family. Mail in whatever you can afford to give to the Ladies Auxiliary Treasurer, Gerri Griggs.

Ladies Auxiliary Cancer Insurance due - Ongoing
The National Ladies Auxiliary offers a grant to each paid member who is stricken with cancer. Our own Ladies Auxiliary also matches the National grant, but only if the premimum is paid on this cancer insurance. Annual members dues covers this premimum, but Life Members must pay $10 per year to be covered. It is now time for Life Members to pay this premimum. Give (or mail) your $10 to our Treasurer, Gerri Griggs.

Thanks to our many volunteers - Ongoing
Each month, many of our members work at the Post and in the community to support our veterans. To thank them all in each edition of the Post Newsletter, takes a lot of room - due to the number of people to thank. So we are now listing them here, with a big Thank You, so we don't miss anyone. Check out who we thanked this month.

Supporting our Military
View this inspiring presentation from the third graders of Tussing Elementary, Colonial Heights, Virginia. At the end of the song you can order the sheet music.

Our Post has several family members serving in the War on Terror. Also, the Post has adopted three Military units in the area. Please read the latest information from each.

  Post and family members deployed

  US Army 210th Unit
  US Army 535th MP Unit - Deploying now
  US Army 805th MP Unit   25 members deployed

See an Armed Forces Tribute

Click here or on the yellow ribbon at the top of every page, to see how you can support our service personnel and their families.

Watch this excellent video specially made to thank all Vietnam veterans.

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Post Chartered: August 7, 1977

Help for military families in the Garner area -> Military Family Support Group, Homeland Heroes

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